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The Beach Shul

Community, Learning, Growth 

קצת עלינו


The Beach community is a Jewish community with people of different backgrounds but all united with Jewish virtues and values

Our synagogue is not just for prayers but also for growth and learning


Our youth and children program is designed to address the problems of our generation and provide a place for our children to grow and develop and succeed and fulfill themselves.


Our community events are their year-round event and community joy Our goal is to unite the community and create a warm and loving atmosphere


Our lessons and lectures are intended to enrich the Jewish spiritual world of each and every one of us and help to channel life in the Jewish way and learn to deal with various issues in life.

Parental education for children and careers


״‏כי תצא אש ״ 

When a tradady his close to home it is incumbent on all off us individually and  as a Tzibur to do some introspection and take upon ourselves something small that we can actually do.  this clear message from Hashem that will teach us and we will grow 

The Chofetz Chaim said when the Mississippi overflowed not to think that’s since it’s so far away it doesn’t affect us. Rather God works from a distance sending messages and if they don’t work the messages will come closer closer and until they are received.

Until some thing more appropriate is found as a community we should take up on ourselves after Davening to say two Chapters of Tehilm for the next month. 


 The Beach Shul

לוח אירועים
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